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How it works

The World Education Foundation, UK partners with donors, agencies and corporates to create personalized impact-programs based on specific organizational needs. We follow a bilateral consultative process that typically includes:

  • Understanding the needs and objectives of specific funding and CSR programs;
  • Providing an overview of the suite of WEF programs and initiatives;
  • Marrying the organizational-objectives with WEF-initiatives to create customized impact-programs to maximize the social impact of such initiatives.
  • Partner with donors and corporates to follow an inclusive approach through the implementation phase.
  • Provide transparency through periodic reviews and updates on funds-utilization and impact-assessment.
  • Support donors and corporate through the public relations and media opportunities.

We should be no less professionally run than you are. We should be no less customer-centric than you are.

What makes our relationships with donors and corporates sustainable is the undying focus on remaining aligned to your impact-objectives and transparent about the social outcomes that you are helping create.

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