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Engaging with Donors and Agencies

The World Education Foundation, UK partners with donors and agencies that are keen to further the agenda of education and child-welfare.

Most of our donor-funded programs are applied towards one or more of the following types of efforts:

  • Transparency and Awareness initiatives.
  • Capability Building programs for schools.
  • Improvement Programs & Advisory.
  • Providing (a) choice and (b) access to basic education.

Here is a reminder of the WEF Manifesto for an overview of what we endeavour to achieve:

Society should have a moral and constitutional responsibility to ensure education is available to all its citizens. A child’s financial, physical or intellectual situation should not prevent his/her access to the right education.

Teachers who CARE will be worth more than teachers who qualify.

Governments and society should use education to uplift financial, religious or ethnic minorities.

Education boards and institutions must be measured on their impact on society.

To enable mass trust-based-acceptance, such measurements should be comprehensive, easy to understand, robust and objective.

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