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WEF Subsidy Scheme for schools in developing countries

The primary objective of the Vision 2020 program as envisioned in the Terms of Reference document is to “provide and sponsor transparency and accountability to education industry stakeholders through its intensive and comprehensive assessments and engagements.”

The first of four measures to achieve the objectives is to support and subsidize schools in developing nations that would otherwise not want to afford the certification exercise.

Starting 2011, WEF, UK will subsidise schools anywhere from GBP 84 to GBP 412 towards their objective of getting WEF certified. Such subsidy decision will be based on the following criteria:

  • The school shall be owned and operated in Africa, South and South-East Asia or Latin America;
  • The school shall provide for education of underprivileged children and/or children with special needs;
  • The school shall actively engage with the local community and support social initiatives.

Contact us to find out if your school is eligible for the subsidy.

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