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Why should your school align with WEF, UK?

Through the engagement with WEF, schools have been able to:

  • Attract more students and better students: A student looks for the best school as much as a school looks for the best student. While a student’s quality can be assessed easily (through report cards, recommendations and achievements); a school’s quality might not be that obvious. Once a school is certified by WEF, they might want to use it as s signalling technique to attract the best of students.
  • Upscale their value-proposition and fee-structures: Many parents and agencies have chosen to invest more in a child’s education, once the quality of a school is obvious. A school’s rating, and a continued focus on improvement-related-investments is usually supported by stakeholders that might not mind a slightly increased fee structure in return for an enhanced quality of education.
  • Attract better talent (teachers and staff): Multiple researches have shown that teaching as a profession is losing its sheen globally due to multiple more-lucrative employment options available globally. There is immense competition among schools for the limited teaching-talent that is available out there. Such talented teachers and staff usually gravitate towards schools that also meet certain levels of excellence. WEF certified schools have managed to become an employer of choice by signalling such excellence to high-potential teachers and staff.
  • Inputs to planning and strategic processes: The exhaustive ratings exercise is backed up by a robust benchmarking of the absolute quality of a school, as well as a relative assessment (i.e. How it compares to other peer-schools). Many schools find such granular information useful while planning and budgeting for their forthcoming years.
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